What is the difference between the "Standard Edition" and the "Pro Edition?"

Nothing. As of the release of Version 1.2, "standard" and "pro" are one in the same. We upped the price to $2.99 to help support the website (this one) behind the app, but maintaining two distinct version wasn't worth the hassle (for us) or confusion (for you).


What GradePads do you have online?

GradePad offers samples of rubric assessments for projects and presentations in Arts and Media, Classwork, Communication, Foreign Language, Interpersonal Skills, Language Arts, Music, Physical Education, Science, and Social Studies.


What if we want different assessments, on difference scales, for a unique setting?

We welcome inquiries and provide free estimates for "private label" Enterprise Deployment versions that can provide an organization with assessment tools identical to GradePad but under a unique "branded identity" with unqiue assessments and scales for all its personnel -- from their own server.


Can I make a suggestion?

Absolutely! We've constantly talking about improvements or extensions to the app or website, but user requests or observations affect when and how we get things done. Please let us know what you'd like.


What if I have another question?

Post an inquiry, belief statement, solemn oath, topic, or social criticism on our GradePad Forum.
Or write us at support@gradepad.com